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  • 256 channels perfectly synchronized with 24 Bit
  • supports active and passive EEG electrodes and ECoG grids
  • FDA cleared, CE certified medical product
  • fully integrated into g.tec software components for real-time analysis
  • integrated impedance measurement for active and passive electrodes

The g.HIamp is a 64 - 256 channel biosignal amplifier for invasive and non-invasive measurements of brain functions that is FDA cleared and CE approved. The built-in ADC converters convert a 24 bit resolution for perfect signal acuity coupled with a wide input sensitivity allows you to measure the cornucopia of electrophysiological signals such as EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG, EOG without any saturation. In addition, external sensors can also be connected enabling every conceivable sensor input such temperature, galvanic skin responses and blood pressure to be attached and sampled in a time-locked manner.

All channels are DC coupled and internally, signal processing is performed with a blisteringly fast floating point DSP commanded by a sophisticated Linux Kernel and it's a very high oversampling of the DSP that allows the HIamp to reduce the noise as much as possible by averaging samples.

Upto 256 channels can be analysed in real-time with the g.tec Highspeed Processing for Simulink toolbox leading to faster and more accurate control of brain-computer interface systems that use Common Spatial Patterns (CSP).

The g.HIamp is powered by a medical mains power supply or by a battery pack, and the system is connected to the computer via USB. It is equipped with 16 digital trigger channels and a HOLD input for artefact suppression (e.g. during electrical or magnetic stimulation). Due to theĀ g.HIamps modular design, channels comes in either a 80, 144 or 256 channels unit and you can upgrade to more channels later on. Each block of 64 channels is connected via a multi-pole medical safety connector to the electrode interface box.

Lastly, the g.HIamp can be used with passive or active electrodes and the only difference is just the electrode connector box (headbox). For ECoG grids and strips, special interface connectors are available.