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g.BCIsys Mobile and Multipurpose: Complete BCI research system

g.BCIsys Mobile and Multipurpose: Complete BCI research system

A mobile variation of g.tec Brain Computer Interface (BCI) system with additional utility. The Mobile BCI system dedicates all channels to EEG but if you need to record other parameters such as an ECG recording or galvanic skin responses the "g.BCIsys Mobile and Multipurpose" answers your needs. This variation reduces the number of dedicated EEG channels to 4, leaving the other 4 channels to be used for whichever input you require.

This system can simultaneously capture a maximum of 8 channels and can be purchased under a professional license or an educational license.


  • g.MOBIlab+ multi-purpose version; 4 EEG/EOG, 2 ECG/EMG, 2 analog inputs, digital I/Os
  • Mini SD-card 1 GB
  • 9-pin connector box
  • g.MOBIlab Simulink; High-Speed Online Processing software
  • g.RTanalyze; Software for online biosignal parameter extraction
  • g.BSanalyze
  • EEG toolbox
  • Classify toolbox; offline data processing, analysis and classification
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Fully equipped business notebook with software preinstalled and ready-to-go
  • Cables

The offer comprises of the following items #5033, #3014, #5003, #5012a, #0111, #0101 #0102, #0105, #3016 and #3003.