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  • Portable Biosignal amplifier
  • Two versions; 8-channel EEG or Multi-modal (ECG, EMG etc)
  • Transmit wirelessly to a notebook or PDA
  • Real-time data recording.
  • Real-time data analysis (additional resources required)

g.tec's portable biosignal acquisition and analysis system is the perfect tool for recording multimodal biosignal data on a PDA, notebook or PC by wireless interfacing using the Bluetooth wireless protocol. The g.MOBIlab allows you to investigate brain-, heart-, muscle-activity, eye movement, respiration, galvanic skin response, pulse and other body signals in an ambulatory or mobile environment. g.MOBIlab+ comes in two versions a multi-modal or an EEG version version. g.MOBIlab+ is battery powered and operates up to 170 hours (i.e. about 1 week). The device works with a standard serial interface or USB interface of your computer. The g.MOBIlab+ is supplied with 4x AA batteries


The multipurpose version comes equipped with 4 EEG/EOG, 2 ECG/EMG channels and 2 analog inputs which can be utilized for other sensors and 4 digital channels. An input device can be connected for external triggering of an event and stored concurrently with the data.

Dedicated EEG version

The EEG version of is equipped with 8 monopolar EEG channels and 4 digital channels. It is perfect for investigating, classifying and extracting data from a participant in any number of environments such as during cognitive tests or performing a complex action like driving.

Extensions and accessories.

The g.MOBIlab can be combined with the g.EEGcap & the g.GAMMAcap and there is a huge range of possible electrodes enabling you to take ECG, EMG and respiratory measurements.