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  • Multi-modal amplifier system (EEG, EMG, EOG & ECG)
  • 8 and 16 bipolar/unipolar channels
  • User selectable filter and sensitivity settings via robust DIP switches
  • Portable due to battery supply
  • Compatible with many other user-specific systems
  • Can be combined with integrated g.Recorder software for EEG, EMG, EOG and ECG data acquisition
  • CE certified medical device for use in humans according to medical normative EN 60601-1 (IEC 60601-1)

The g.tec biosignal amplifier is a basic signal-conditioning element to establish biosignal data acquisition and realtime analysis from MATLAB and SIMULINK. Its user-selectable multi-channel modules allow the simultaneous recording of EEG, EMG, EOG and ECG. The stand-alone amplifier system can be equipped with 8 or 16 channels or it can be stacked to have a 32–, 48–, or 64–channel system. The modules are designed with bipolar inputs in order to perform not only referenced recordings, but also true bipolar recordings and analyses.

Filter, sensitivity and notch settings are user–selectable and due to its battery supply g.BSamp is fully portable and it is designed to be combined with the g.EEGcap & the g.GAMMAcap. BSamp represents the optimal equipment for research in the field: from cars to aeroplanes and/or in vivo trainings as well as from research to rehabilitation. It has an operation time of 8–10 hours with the battery supplied so that even time consuming trainings or long field investigations are warranted. For in situ use, a medical mains receiver is available.


  • Safety class II
  • Type of applied part BF
  • Protection against mechanical distortion and liquids IP22
  • Operation mode S1 (permanent operation)
  • Conformity class IIa

Important Information: g.BSamp must not be used for patient monitoring or determination of brain death


Standard settings: LP: 100 Hz/1kHz; HP: 0.5/2 Hz; Sensitivity: 500 uV/5mV; 50 Hz notch