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g.VRsys: Virtual Reality with full support for g.tec systems

g.VRsys: Virtual Reality with full support for g.tec systems


  • Cost effective VR system with 3D projections on a PowerWall.
  • Custom Programming environment for VR based on XVR.
  • Integrate with any g.tec's system: acquisition and analysis of biosignals such as EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG, GSR and respiration simultaneously with the VR simulation.
  • Sample code available for high-resolution 3D.


  • 3D stereo compatible projector (100 Hz)
  • Rear projection wall – size in cm (viewable area in cm): 450x335 (430x315)
  • 3D shutter glasses with infrared emitter
  • PC with high performance 3D stereo compatible graphic card with an interface for the infrared emitter
  • XVR – 3D programming language (XVR needs Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer);
  • Professional XVR development enviroment


Connection to g.tec amplifiers through UDP with g.UDPinterface (0264)



g.VRsys is a complete Virtual Reality (VR) research system that consists of a VR PC running XVR for 3D simulations, a projection wall with a 3D projector and 3D shutter glasses with infrared emitter.

The possibilities are extensive - you could combine your virtual reality experiment with our EEG systems to measure changes and classify events that may occur. You could use our ECG modules to see whether the virtual reality causes responses in the user's heart rate. Any indication you could think of can be logged simultaneously in MATLAB and can be analyzed in real-time to influence the VR.

The VR scenarios itself, can be programmed easily with XVR and are outputted straight to a browser (Internet Explorer).