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g.BSanalyze: EEG and Classify

g.BSanalyze: EEG and Classify


  • Interactive and intuitive graphical user interface for EEG, ECoG, EOG, EMG, ECG, ... and physical data analyses and documentation under MATLAB.
  • Extensive tools for data processing in time, spatial and frequency domain.
  • Powerful 2-D and 3-D visualization tools to rapidly generate publication ready figures.
  • Enhance signals with g.tec's specialized EEG, aEEG, ECG, CLASSIFY and High-Resolution EEG toolboxes.
  • Integrate other MATLAB toolboxes as well as customers specific algorithms.
  • Integrate with g.Recorder.
  • Highspeed On-line Processing for Simulink MATLAB and C API and many other 3rd-party recording devices.

The Base Version of g.BSanalyze allows the visualization, processing and basic analyses of EEG, ECoG, ECG, EOG, EMG, respiration, pulse, ... and physical signals. An intuitive data editor allows you scrolling through the data set, adding annotations and comments. Semi-automatic artifact detections and manual correction possibilities yield highest quality data for further investigations. Data set triggering on events and event-related signal changes can be performed based on markers, and signal channels. Temporal filtering and spatial filtering (e.g. Common Spatial Patterns, ICA, PCA) allow extracting hidden information from data sets.

This combination includes a toolbox - a set of pre-made blocksets that you can manipulate in MATLAB to control the experimental process to your exacting standards.


  • g.BSanalyze Base Version (1 unit)
  • g.BSanalyze EEG-toolbox (1 unit)
  • g.BSanalyze Classify toolbox;

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