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g.BSanalyze: Base Version

g.BSanalyze: Base Version


  • Extensive biosignal analysis package with modular toolboxes.
  • Versatile: Raw data  import, pre-processing, parameter extraction and sophisticated analyses  to publication-ready plots.
  • Custom Integration into your own advanced user specific methods and algorithms.
  • Journaling files and convenient batch processing mode for automatic analysis of larger sets of study data.
  • Comfortable data editor and powerful 2-D and 3-D result viewer/editor
  • Full support for almost any 3rd party data formats.

Data Visualization and Reporting

g.BSanalyze is the core suite of analytical programs to assist, power and publish your research. Simple practical tools such as a data ruler to make onscreen measurements and an undo function to go back one or more steps are built in. Simple navigation tools such as click-and-drag data scrolling, epoching (free/multi trial/multi-channel mode), zooming, scaling and quick view-flipping make changing from a trial x channel to channel x trial easy, keeping you working in your stride.

Intuitive annotation tools make the art of subjectively analysing your data easier. Assign and edit data attributes and markers and use them to create event maps or take their modulus for an event. Assign comments as liberally as you would with a paper trace and a pencil. Score the data according to your own protocols.

Journaling tools help you keep a tab on what you have done to your data making for easy recall when you write up your report. You can even play back the data, making it easier and more intuitive if you are collecting subjective analysis from your peers. Export these notes straight in to a report.

Advanced tools such as full header access makes it ever easier to extend past the tools g.tec have provided.



Import and Export files

g.BSanalyze supports a range of open and proprietary file formats:

  • MatLab (*.mat)
  • European Data Format (*.edf)
  • Bruker Aspect NMR Data File (*.bkr)
  • ASCII (*.txt)
  • Resource Description Framework (*.rdf)

The list contains the most common types but if you have another file type that we have not listed here we may be able to convert the file.