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C API for gtec amplifiers

C API for gtec amplifiers


  • Acquire EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG, EOG data in your own programs
  • Control g.USBamp from C, C++, LabWindow, Visual Basic or other programming languages
  • Develop stand-alone programs for biosginal analysis
  • Build your own multi-channel biosignal acquisition with multiple g.USBamps

The Device Driver for g.USBamp is an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows to access the amplifier from many programming environments. The API has functions to fully control the amplifier from C, C++, Visual Basic, LabWindows and many more programming languages.

The Device Driver gives access to the data which is sent over USB to the computer. Bandpass and Notch filter settings can be performed, the sampling frequency can be selected, a test signal can be applied and the amplifier can be calibrated controlled by your own program. Bipolar derivations can be made between two electrodes.

Multiple g.USBamps can be used if they are connected to the synchronization cable to work absolute in synchrony. Therefore one device must be defined as MASTER to control the other amplifiers.

An integrated impedance check gives you the impedance values of all electrodes connected to the 16 input channels and 4 reference channels.

The Device Driver package contains demo programs that show you the usage of all functions and help to get started with the API.