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MATLAB API for g.tec amplifiers

MATLAB API for g.tec amplifiers


  • Acquire EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG, EOG data directly within MATLAB
  • Control g.USBamp from the MATLAB command line
  • Write your own MATLAB programs for on-line visualization and signal analysis
  • Use easily the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox to handle g.USBamp
  • Data can be read directly into MATLAB for further off-line processing
  • Speeds-up your development time from month to hours

The API for MATLAB is available for g.USBamp and the g.MOBIlab+. The toolbox is a device driver that allows to read biosignal data such as EEG, ECoG, EMG, EOG and ECG into the MATLAB environment. MATLAB is a flexible development environment which allows the investigator to easily setup signal acquisition and analysis by utilizing toolboxes from MATLAB (like Statistics, Neural Networks, Signal Processing,...).

The API for MATLAB contains commands which give full access to the amplifier. There are commands for reading the data, for setting the bandpass and Notch filters, for changing the sampling frequency of the amplifier, to define bipolar derivations and to calibrate the system.

Multiple g.USBamps and g.MOBIlab+s can be used, connected via a synchronization cable keeping multiple amplifiers in phase. Configuration is succinctly controlled by specifying one device as the MASTER to control the other amplifiers. An integrated impedance check gives you the impedance values of all electrodes connected to the 16 input channels and 4 reference channels.

The of the key advantages of using the MATLAB API is that it is fully integrated into the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox. Therefore you can start within minutes with the acquisition of data and build your application easily and fast on top of it else port existing analysis on to our equipment for rapid deployment.