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g.BCIsys Mobile: P300 edition

g.BCIsys Mobile: P300 edition

The mobile variation of g.tec flagship product optimized for p300 experiments. It can simply record p300 events or use those events as triggers to interface with a virtual reality or an experimental paradigm. This system can simultaneously capture a maximum of 16, 32 or 64 channels and can be purchased under a professional license of an educational license.


  • g.MOBIlab+; 8 channel EEG version
  • Mini SD card 1 GB
  • 10-pin connector box
  • g.MOBIlab Simulink; High-Speed Online Processing software
  • g.BSanalyze
  • EEG toolbox
  • Classify toolbox; offline data processing, analysis and classification
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Fully equipped business notebook with preinstalled software ready-to-go
  • Cables

This bundle comprimise of the following individual items; #5603, #3014, #5602, #5012a, #0101, #0102, #0105, #3016 and #3003.