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  • Real DC-coupled EEG/ECoG/ECG/EMG/EOG biosignal amplifier with wide-range  inputs.
  • 24-bit high  resolution ADCs, up  to 38.4 kHz  sampling with  simultaneous S&H  for all channels.
  • Internal floating point DSP for digital preprocessing and signal filtering
  • 16 input channels per unit, units can be stacked to set up multi-channel systems up to 128 channels.
  • Internal amplifier calibration and automatic electrode impedance check.
  • 4 independent ground potentials per unit to avoid  interference between different  signal  types.
  • Wide range of software  solutions available (driver/API,  recording  software, MATLAB/SIMULINK  interface).
  • CE and FDA certified medical device for non-invasive and  invasive  recordings.



g.USBamp - g.tec's latest 24 bit biosignal acquisition device - is the perfect tool for recording multimodal biosignal data with highest quality. Enabling the researcher to investigate  a wide range of inputs; brain-, heart-, muscle-activity, eye movement, respiration, galvanic skin response and other body signals.

g.USBamp is USB 2.0 enabled and comes with 16 simultaneous sampled biosignal channels. The 4 independent grounds guarantee no interference between the recorded signals.

The amplifier is simply connected to the USB socket on your PC/notebook and can immediately be used for data recording. The modular construction of the g.USBamp allows you to build a multi-channel system by daisy chaining multiple g.USBamp devices allowing you to sample anywhere between 16 and 128 channels. Fit for purpose, a synchronization cable guarantees that all devices are sampling with exactly the same frequency.

The amplifier has an input range of ± 250 mV, which allows to record DC signals without saturation.

Digital inputs and outputs allow the recording of trigger channels together with the biosignal channels and to pass analysis results to the outside world.

A short-cut input allows to connect the amplifier inputs fastly to ground potential to protect the amplifier against overflows occuring e.g. in operating rooms with gamma knifes.

The g.USBamp can be combined with the g.EEGcap & the g.GAMMAcap and there is a huge range of possible electrodes.