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Sensors and electrodes

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Adhesive mastoid electrodes Disposable adhesive mastoid electrodes, diameter 24 mm, 50 pcs, for use with g.SAHARAclipREF and with g.SAHARAclipGND, no gel remains on the skin after use Product Details
Ag/AgCl passive earclip Passive ear clip electrode (reference) Product Details
Anti static wrist band and power socket connector Anti static wrist band and power socket connector for electro-static artefact reduction Product Details
Double-sided adhesive washers 500 pieces; 20 mm outer diameter, 8 mm inner diameter for g.LADYbird Electrodes Product Details
External Trigger Button An trigger button to signal events in an experimental paradigm designed for the g.MOBIlab+ system. Product Details
Finger Electrodes for g.GSRsensor Electrodes designed to clip on to a finger and integrate with the g.tec systems. Product Details
g.BUTTERFLYgnd Passive electrode, for use with g.GAMMAcap, high-purity gold crown, 125 cm lead, 2-pin safety connector, remains in the cap for cleaning. Product Details
g.CNAPadapter Analog interface box for connecting CNAPmonitor multi pole bridge-output to 1.5mm touch proof connectors, length 4m. Product Details
g.CNAPsensor The g.CNAPmonitor offers blood pressure measurements as stand alone device or in connection with the g.tec biosignal amplifiers. Created by CNSystems, integrated by g.tec. Product Details
g.FLOWsensor Thermistor flow sensor (nose and mouth), battery for 1 year, output: 1.5 mm touch proof connector. Product Details