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Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

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ExtendiX painting Extension to IntendiX to allow painting of images with p300 Product Details
g.BCIsys - a complete BCI-research system A complete software and hardware solution for BCI-research. Product Details
g.BCIsys Mobile and Multipurpose: Complete BCI research system A mobile variation of g.tec Brain Computer Interface (BCI) system with additional utility. Product Details
g.BCIsys Mobile: Complete Mobile BCI research system. A complete software and hardware solution for ambulatory BCI-research. Product Details
g.BCIsys Mobile: P300 edition The mobile variation of g.tec flagship product optimized for p300 experiments. Product Details
intendiX speller intendiX® speller is an advanced communication aid that uses the P300 visual evoked potentials in the brain to enable spelling and interaction with a computer. Product Details