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EEG caps

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Abrasive gel An abrasive gel to prepare the skin before EEG measurements Product Details
Double-sided Adhesive Washers Washers for the 14mm reusable EOG Ag/AgCl electrodes (500 units). Product Details
Elefix Gel A 400g bottle of electrode gel designed for optimal low impedances. Product Details
g.BALDY Bald head made of styrofoam for perfect storage of all available caps from g.tec Product Details
g.GAMMAcap A nylon slim profile EEG cap with the standard 10/20 electrode placements. Product Details
g.GAMMAcapSET A set of three EEG caps that have a slim profile, 10/20 electrode placements with the option of adding any additional electrode placements. Product Details
g.GAMMAgel Special highly-conductive, high-viscosity electrode gel for the g.GAMMAsys active electrodes - the g.LADYbird and g.BUTTERfly Product Details