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Software is the raw logic in the experiment and it should complement what you wish to know and help you to understand what you are investigating. The difficulty is, is what level of interface you require?

OpenVivo is proud to offer a tiered approach to your software requirements:


  • A C Application Programming Inteface's (API) for OEM's wanting to create new biomedical software without having to support and create their own hardware.
  • A MATLAB API for biomedical engineers and research scientists looking to rapidly and interactively develop new algorithms and methodologies.
  • Software Package and Suites for those who just want to get something done.


Order by:
ACTOR BCI - Application ConTrol and Online Reconfiguration (ACTO Simulink model with matrix interface that can be remotely updated or configured with configuration files; sends commands to external devices; prerequisite simulink high-speed online processing Product Details
C API for gtec amplifiers A C Application Programming Inteface (API) to the g.HIamp, g.USBamp and g.MOBIlab+ g.tec amplifiers. Perfect for OEM's who wish to develop novel software applications on top of a powerful g.tec data acquisition unit. Product Details
EMG EOG mouse control SIMULINK model to control the matrix interface with EMG, EOG or mouse. Product Details
g.AVATAR 3D human avatar for rehabilitation applications. Product Details
g.BSanalyze: Base Version g.BSanalyze is the core suite of analytical programs to assist, power and publish your research. True to our commitment to a modular system you can select exactly which modules you'll need. Product Details
g.BSanalyze: Cerebral Function Monitor The Cerebral Function Monitor module for g.BSanalyze can be used to extract and classify parameters of an EEG signal. Product Details
g.BSanalyze: Classify toolbox Specialised data classification toolbox for g.BSanalyze which enables you to categorize patterns and signal features of biosignals into different classes. Product Details
g.BSanalyze: ECG-toolbox Specialised ECG processing toolbox for g.BSanalyze with functionality specified by the US/European task force for Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis in time and frequency domain. Product Details
g.BSanalyze: EEG and Classify An extension to the base g.BSanalyze with functions to classify, sort and extract features from EEG data. Product Details
g.BSanalyze: EEG and ECG A software solution that takes a recorded EEG and ECG performs classification and extraction of parameters. Product Details
g.BSanalyze: EEG-toolbox Specialised EEG processing toolbox for g.BSanalyze. Includes specialised functions for EEG data analysis, parameter extraction, result presentation according to an editable electrode arrangement, source derivation calculation and various methods for spect Product Details
g.BSanalyze: High-Resolution Toolbox High resolution 3D-spline Laplacian and mapping software; allows to combine EEG analysis with the anatomy of the brain (MRI/FMRI/CT data). It includes head model generation from MR/CT segmented volumes. Product Details
g.BSanalyze: SPIKE toolbox Specialised spike processing toolbox: includes specialised functions for spike and position data analysis, spike rate, firing field, dwell time, statistical parameters. Product Details
g.HIamp P300 model SIMULINK model for 8-channel p300 based speller Product Details
g.HIamp Ping Pong model SIMULINK model for 2 subject and 4-channel motor imagery based game. Product Details
g.MOBIlab+ SSVEP BCI model SIMULINK model for 8 channel SSVEP based control for the g.MOBIlab+ Product Details
g.VIBROTACTILE p300 model SIMULINK model for 2, 3 and 8-channel vibrotactile p300 based BCI control Product Details
Hybrid BCI model SIMULINK model for SSVEP and p300 hybrid based control Product Details
Hyperscanning BCI model SIMULINK model for multi-user p300 and motor imagery based control Product Details
MATLAB API for g.tec amplifiers A MATLAB Application Programming Inteface (API) to the g.USBamp and g.MOBIlab+ g.tec amplifiers. Perfect for biomedical engineers who just want to get something done using the powerful MATLAB toolboxes on top of a powerful g.tec data acquisition unit. Product Details