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Amplifiers & data acquisition

g.tec amplifiers are the best that researchers could hope for. Exceptionally high bit rates (8, 16 to 24-bit), sampling rates (38.4kHz per channel) and versatility. Most models are CE and FDA certified allowing you the opportunity to do your research in a clinical environment. Our commitment to quality and to you is sealed with a 5-year warranty on all amplifiers.

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g.BSamp The g.tec biosignal amplifier is a basic signal-conditioning element to establish biosignal data acquisition and realtime analysis from MATLAB and SIMULINK. Product Details
g.HIamp The g.HIamp is a 64 - 256 channel biosignal amplifier for invasive and non-invasive measurements of brain functions that is FDA cleared and CE approved. The g.USBamp's bigger brother. Product Details
g.MOBIlab+ g.tec's portable biosignal acquisition and analysis system is the perfect tool for recording multimodal biosignal data on a standard Pocket PC, PC or notebook. Product Details
g.Nautilus g.NAUTILUS is g.tec’s wireless biosignal acquisition system. The tiny and lightweight data acquisition is attached to the EEG cap to avoid cable movements and to allow completely free movements. In combination with g.tec’s active electrode technology, you Product Details
g.USBamp-RESEARCH g.USBamp - g.tec's 24 bit, biosignal acquisition device sampling at upto 40,000Hz on each 16 channels is the perfect tool for recording multimodal biosignal data with highest quality. Product Details