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About OpenVivo

The Who, What, Where, Why and How of OpenVivo.

How does OpenVivo operate?


OpenVivo's first port of call is to listen, our equipment can be tailored to your research environment and it is paramount that we get that right.

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What does OpenVivo do?


OpenVivo demonstrates and sells medical hardware and software and our main supplier is g.tec medically engineering. We sell equipment, offer technical and practical support and customization of g.tec's products to your needs.

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Where does OpenVivo operate?


OpenVivo operates out of the south-east of England equidistant between London and Cambridge.

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How does OpenVivo choose what equipment to sell?


OpenVivo intention is to bring flexibility and precision to life science research.

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Who is OpenVivo?


OpenVivo is a private registered company of England and Wales (#6874258). OpenVivo is the proud distributor for guger technologies GmBH (g.tec) in the UK and is directed by Emlyn Clay.

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