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How does OpenVivo operate?


OpenVivo's first port of call is to listen, our equipment can be tailored to your research environment and it is paramount that we get that right.

Once we have an idea of what area of electrophysiology you are exploring we will suggest products that  will enable you to carry out your research.  The hardware and software however is only one part of the puzzle it about getting it working just as you pictured. To that end OpenVivo, in collaboration with g.tec, will support researchers in their endeavours every step of the way. It could be coming to your lab and troubleshooting electrical noise or training yourself and/or your colleagues to work with the software.

OpenVivo company structure is light-weight and uniquely formed; it is simply composed of scientists and will remain that way so you can trust in the quality of our service. We prefer to cut to the chase and match your problems up with our solutions.

Supplementary to our structure and our general business protocol OpenVivo leverages the technologies of the worldwide web to reach its audience, engage in transactions and build life science communities. It uses your user behaviour on our website twinned with the personal responses we get from you to shape how our website functions and serves you. This first iteration will be the first of many as we begin the long-term goal of shaping ourselves into the company you want us to be.

If you are concerned about your security or your privacy we have robust policies in place to keep you secure in line with the Data Protection Act (1998) and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act (2003).