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What does OpenVivo do?


OpenVivo demonstrates and sells medical hardware and software and our main supplier is g.tec medically engineering. We sell equipment, offer technical and practical support and customization of g.tec's products to your needs.


If you'd like a demonstration of any of the equipment in our product line we will happily accomodate you. We will come to your place of business and give you a hands on look at the equipment and any of the analytical software components you might wish to see. The proof is in the pudding and we would not expect you as rational clients to expect anything less than a full demonstration.


Research equipment is complicated and it is only through practice and regular use that we learn how to use it. Support is just as important as the equipment itself so OpenVivo offers on-hand and on-demand support to its customers for 9 months post purchase. Support could be anything from "How can I use La Placian methods to translate electrode co-ordinates?" to "What happens if I spill tea on the amplifier?", no question is too silly.


Your experimental paradigm relies on a basic process; collect data, process the data and analyze the results. All good on paper, but if your a reserach maverick who wants to run a Chebykov filter instead of a Butterworth or wishes to pipe all your data through a MANCOVA test and feed the whole lot to a colour coded data report you may need help programming your solution. OpenVivo is a partner of SeaHermit Software LLP, a software and web development group, that can code right into your paradigms in either M-Code or C. Any paradigm you can think of, right into your program and all you need to do is hit the big red record button.



To arrange a demonstration, support or customization please contact us using any of the available methods listed on our contact page.