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How does OpenVivo choose what equipment to sell?


OpenVivo intention is to bring flexibility and precision to life science research.


OpenVivo was built for scientists by scientists. It started because we use numerous methods to explore experimental paradigms often using methods packaged into hardware solutions designed by medical engineering firms. They solve the problems they are designed for but often they cannot solve problems that they weren't designed for. When you want to pilot or prototype new methods you invariably have to seek out another hardware solution which often means asking our professors or superiors extremely nicely for new equipment!

What if...

...systems were more flexible. Systems often have a built-in methods to fire up and get on with but it is likely there there is a poor or non-existent system to extend these functions. With such a system we could meet our routine industrial obligations but also our diffuse academic ones. A side issue to all of this was the fact our data from our experiments was invariably held up in closed, binary formats. The equipment we buy we will gladly use under license but we detest being locked in to a provider.

Frustration being a powerful motivator, OpenVivo considered engineering a solution but after little research it appeared we were beaten to the punch.

Why them...

Our main supplier is g.tec medical engineering. Their equipment exemplifies flexibility since it works within the MatLab framework. It includes blocksets and toolboxes that are instantly familiar allowing you to rapidly prototype experiments. It, however, at last offered what we wanted; to program any custom method we wished under the C(++) programming language or MatLab's m-code. The MatLab framework works in a seamlessly integrated fashion with g.tec amplifiers and other hardware via a customized application programming interface (API) written in the ubiquitous and portable "C" programming language. Futhermore there is no lock-in to g.tec equipment, all your data is stored in the robust and practical HDF5 file format.

Why us...

g.tec operates globally and prefers to have a local distributor in each country and to this end OpenVivo graciously accepted the opportunity to represent g.tec in the UK.

We are open to your offers so if you'd like us to distribute your equipment within our network please get in contact.