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g.BCIsys - a complete BCI-research system

g.BCIsys - a complete BCI-research system

g.tec's international recognition is due to its pioneering efforts with Brain Computer Interface (BCI). Utilizing input signals from the g.EEGcap and analyzing them in real-time, phenomena such as the P300 and slow-cortical potentials can be recorded or used as triggers to interface with a virtual reality. This system can simultaneously capture 16 channels and can be purchased under a professional license or an educational license.


  • g.USBamp; a biosignal amplifier, CE-certified, FDA approved with power supply
  • SIMULINK HIGH-SPEED ONLINE Processing software; drivers and blockset for SIMULINK
  • g.RTanalyze; a real-time software for biosignal parameter extraction
  • g.BSanalyze
  • EEG-toolbox
  • Classify-toolbox for offline data processing, analysis and classification
  • Fully equipped business PC with pre-installed software and dependencies ready-to-go

This offer represents the following individual items #0216, #0282, #5051, #0247, #0260, #0111, #0101, #0102, #0105 and #3001a.

Parameters of Category: Additional
Compatible System    g.USBamp
Indication    EEG
Requirements    MATLAB R2008b;Data Acquisition Toolbox;SIMULINK